Fiberglass Panels

Fiberglass Panels

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Fiberglass Panels make great backsplashes, and they are fire rated!

With fiberglass, we can copy the look and feel of tile, slate and many other natural materials at less cost and weight for the RV market. A perfect premium solution for a high-end unit, for extra realism, we apply real grout to the panel to add even more texture and color. We can make any color you want for the tile or grout as long as it is black, grey or white.

Other products we make from fiberglass include: Shower Walls, Shower Pans, RV Roofs, RV Caps, Fireplace Surrounds, Feature Walls and MORE.



When installed per our recommendation, unlike our competitors, our product won’t warp, peel or pop off the wall.

(No, the below pictures have nothing to do with fiberglass, they just look cool)

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You will be pleasantly surprised when you find out how realistic we can make fiberglass look like subway tile or slate .

mountains and motorhome

Any Size or Shape

We mold and make all sizes and shapes everyday, give us a call and we can help you with your supplier blues.

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Really Pretty Stars...

…almost as pretty as the products we make from fiberglass. Give Shantell or Chad a call today.

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Shower Walls

Shower Pans

RV Roofs

RV Caps


Fireplace Surrounds

Feature Walls




Fireplace Surrounds

Feature Walls





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Shower Walls

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Feature Walls

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Red Barn Backsplash

Red Barn Backsplash

This Red Barn backsplash was digitally made from an image of barn siding that our designer took 10 years ago in North Dakota.

Stone Tile

Stone Tile

We have a customer that needed a grey / tan backsplash to complement the woodwork and flooring in one of their models. Our designer took high rez images of a variety of granite slabs and digitally “built” this backsplash. He originally built it as a 3D backsplash, but the customer wanted to keep the cost down so we currently print this on 1/8″ PVC sheets to size. Please notice the apparent 3D look in the way that our artist used highlights and shadowing.