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Jasper Plastics' overarching commitment to quality and customer service is shown in every part that we manufacture and every business relationship we have established in the almost 20 years that we have been in business.


‘ja-sper |\ plas tic

1. A manufacturer of plastic, polyurethane, and fiberglass parts for OEM manufacturers in the construction, lifestyle, and Recreational Vehicle sectors.

2. One of the USA’s leading manufacturers of molded polyurethane products.

3. A company that believes in treating the customer as they want to be treated-where customer service and quality come first..

4. We pride ourselves in not offering the same products that everyone else is. We work with you to create a custom look that will be unique to your  company's individual needs and goals


Jasper’s claim to fame is our finishing department’s – exceptional ability to apply paint and stain.

Our finishing department is second to none

Our analog finish line is an amazing feat of engineering and human endeavor. All the parts that go through this line travel on a series of conveyors and are hand sprayed and/or hand-finished. This allows us to use a wide variety of colors, paints, stains, and clear sprays to give our customers’ parts the best finish possible for appearance and performance. We can emulate a wide variety of textures and appearances with our paint line: wood, leather, vinyl, stone, brick, metal, and more – all in a lightweight but durable polyurethane or fiberglass.

We have several areas on our Analog Paint Line that each perform a specialized task. Priming and sealing are the two most basic things that occur in this line. Brushing paint and stains into the parts and airbrushing are two of the more complex processes that we do. – This allows us to finish our parts to more accurately resemble wood, leather, brick, or stone.

Our Automated Paint Line allows us to run certain parts through a painting or staining procedure with very little human interaction necessary. This means that we can output more parts per hour with less labor.

Because our molding process is so exact and replicates parts right down to the texture in the material that was used as a pattern, our analog finishing lines can make a polyurethane part look like real stone or wood.

fireplace surround

This rough-cut beam is molded in polyurethane and finished to look and feel like real textured wood.

large granite light bezel

The frame is made from polyurethane and the acrylic insert is actually an image of grey granite printed on our digital printer.

stacked stone

This stacked stone design is beautifully finished to replicate natural stone. Often times even the “knock test” isn’t enough to convince customers it’s not real stone.

Bacon. Not polyurethane or fiberglass or politics or Covid…just bacon…in a cast-iron skillet on a grill being cooked over hickory. Isn’t that what camping and RV’ing is supposed to be about? Oh, make sure your sound is turned up.

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