Table Tops

Jasper Plastics RV’s Digital Division can make your dinette tables, side tables, and dresser table tops a thing of beauty.


The look of nature without the cost or weight

Digitally Printed mdf TABLE TOPS

Made from either regular or water-rated MDF board, our Dinette tables can be custom fabricated to suit your needs across all of your models.

Our dinette tops can quickly become an accent piece unlike anything else in your RV. With our 3D print capabilities, we can make your dinette table match almost anything already in your unit including countertops and wood accents. We can also make your dinette or other tops stand out with a one-of-a-kind look. Our process of printing an image directly onto the MDF before covering it with protectants ensures that your image will stay on the material and there will be nothing to de-laminate for superior performance and longevity.

shower panels

Resembling Wood

We can create a white-washed rough sawn through high-end furniture grade looks. Custom sizes and shapes are delivered ready for your hardware.

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Resembling Stone

Our extensive library of a variety of granite, marble and slate will allow Jasper Plastics to be able to design and print the perfect “stone” accent for your unit’s dining room.

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Custom Shaped

Custom Shaped dinettes are not a problem for Jasper. Once we have your design or print, we can have our CNCs start getting them ready for printing.

  • We have a vast and ever growing library of images that we can create eye-catching dinettes from.

  • Our team will work with you until your dinette table is exactly what you want.

  • These are just a few of the 1000’s of different files we could create your Dinettes Tables from.

399 Soapstone Dinette

Beige Terrazzo Dinette

Cement Dinette

Ferreto Dinette

Grey Movement

Pergahmino Dinette

Rough Wood Dinette

Snowfall Dinette

Statuary Marble Dinette

Stone Tile Too

Vein Cut Sandbar Dinette

White-Washed Planks

Wooden Block Dinette

Yellow Leaf Dinette

We can use the same process and materials to make lightweight and inexpensively priced tops for buffets, dressers…any dry surface that you would use wood or solid surface for (we can even mimick most any solid surface color). CLICK HERE to see a small assortment of style options.

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